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Winter fishing season destinations can be identified by the location of your seasonal trip to identify the species that are local at the time of year. On the other hand, you can identify your fishing goals and then look for the best locations for them during winter. Each state has a Department of Natural Resources website that should give you the information you will need. Once you’ve decided on your destination, one factor you will want to consider is the best time of day to fish, as this will likely differ from other seasons. By monitoring the forecast of especially intense cold fronts you can plan a midday trip just before the passing of the front. Live bait will generally work better for you in the colder water since it will move more slowly, just like the fish, while lures will tend to move more quickly which will be less attractive to the fish. If lures are used lures choose those with additions like feathers which will slow them down. Your gear and your own clothing will be need to be suited for fishing in the winter. We offer a great selection of quality items from which to choose while you plan your winter fishing expedition. Staying warm, dry and nimble can be achieved using our waterproof shoe covers and gaiters as well as insulated gloves with fingerless features. As a general rule, winter season will offer you less crowded fishing holes and your trip will be more relaxing and TIGHT LINES as well as helping you to


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