The U. S. Department of Agriculture offers excellent guidance to traveling with your pet on the home page of their Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service which covers both domestic and international travel. Plan ahead to identify 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital, try not to feed for at least 6 hours before you leave home and bring your pet food with you.

Even in the car, there are dangers to you and your pet if they are roaming freely. To prevent them from distracting the driver a roomy, well ventilated carrier makes the trip more comfortable for everyone.

If an airbag deploys your pet will be safest if the carrier is in the back seat. Pets need plenty of rest stops to exercise, drink water, and well – you know. Be certain that any time they are outside their carrier they have their collar, ID tag and leash. Expect the unexpected and never leave your pet alone in the car regardless of how quickly you intend to return.

When traveling by air you will need to contact the airline to determine the requirements for bringing your pet. You will need to know the size limitations, immunizations, type of carrier and what documentation, if any, the airline needs to designate a “companion” or “service” animal. If it is necessary to transport your pet in the cargo hold you want to alert the flight crew and make sure that your pet and the carrier are clearly marked with identification.

Trains like Amtrak are increasingly willing to allow pets on board, especially service animals, so be sure to ask all the pertinent questions when you book your travel. 

 Very few cruise lines allow pets on board but if you are booking a cruise you can explore which lines or routes can accommodate them. Some companies provide kennels for pets, although you will not be allowed to travel in your private cabin.

With holiday travel just around the corner now is a great time to decide if you will travel with your pet so you can complete all the extra arrangements, and ...



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