Summer sights and sounds await outdoor enthusiasts of all activities like fishing, cycling, sightseeing, hiking and so much more. The abundance of information on the web can be overwhelming. Up here on the mountain we like to digest some of this information to help you focus on the best available resources for you and your family. This blog will focus on hiking. There are over 200 state and local hiking groups that are members of the Alliance of Hiking Organizations. This list is just a sample of the valuable information for you and your family to use when planning your next hike. Learn where to go, what to bring and tips to make the most memorable moments that will add to and enlarge your family’s nostalgia.


Hikes Near You

  • Trail Ratings
    • Easy
    • Intermediate: 10% grade, small rocks and roots, easy scrambling
    • Difficult: 15% grade, large obstacles, possible scrambling or climbing
    • Extremely Difficult: 20% grade, 15+” obstacles, many harder sections
    • Hiking 101

Hiking 101 – Tips for your next hike

  • Before You Go
    • 10 Essentials
    • Planning Your Hike
    • Airline Travel
    • Organizing Your Gear
    • Staying Fit in Off-Season
    • How to Pack Your Backpack

Outdoor Skills

  • Hiking With Kids
      • Selecting a Campsite
      • Using a Compass
      • Handling Food Outdoors



    • Hiking with Dogs
    • Water Purification


  • Gear
    • Backpacks 





    • Binoculars
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Trekking Poles
    • Clothing
    • Flashlights
  • Avoiding Danger
    • Blisters
    • Dehydration 
    • Hot Weather Hiking
    • Sun Safety

All of these resources and so much more are available on the website of the American Hiking Society’s Alliance of Hiking Organizations: This website is a great place to learn even more about finding the perfect hike for everyone and lists the hiking-themed members to aid your search for local information. We encourage you to experience all the benefits Mother Nature’s warm weather delights and …


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