Today Is The Tomorrow You Worried About Yesterday

That was the sign that hung in my friend’s kitchen and I remember the time during which I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I also recall the first time I did. This week between Christmas and New Year’s the listings of noteworthy events of 2022 will be everywhere. Best, Worst, First, Last – you know what I’m talking about. I suspect that you are like most of us here on the Mountain and there will be some events about which you will feel, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that!”.

We conducted a brief (and non-scientific!) survey about memorable events in the lives of us Mountaineers and herewith are a small sample!

  1. “We were able to attend a college football game in which our nephew played.”
  2. “My husband made a repair on an expensive piece of travel equipment using tools and materials he already had in the garage, thereby saving the $1600 repair estimate he had obtained.”
  3. “My little boy played at the beach (in a bay with small wave action) and squealed with delight that I had never heard before as he experienced the movement of the water!”
  4. “We finally made it to Niagara Falls and it doesn’t disappoint!”
  5. “It doesn’t sound like much, but it seemed as though people were extraordinarily kind and courteous to my wife during our air travels. She is newly-confined to a wheelchair and what with the headlines this year we were pleasantly surprised!”
  6. “After holding our breaths for 6 months we breathed a sigh of relief when our grandparents did not have to endure a hurricane.”

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