Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer

Even for those of us who loved school there was something magical about the freedom of summer days. We stored our alarm clocks, went to bed when we wanted (well, sort of!) and never gave a thought about what we would wear tomorrow.  When we wanted to sleep over at our best friend’s house we had 7 days from which to choose – not just 2. 

Wherever you lived, whether you had 4 seasons of the year, or just the 2 down south, summer was always the hottest.  Being outdoors, preferably while wet, was a requirement! We caught fireflies in a jar with a punctured lid and then released them. We lay in the grass with our friends and identified the images we saw in the clouds.

Friends with pools in their backyards were the most popular kids in the neighborhood. The next best were kids with all manner of water sprinklers or other water toys. If your mom was willing to drive a group to the beach or lake – well, you could have sold tickets!

With that in mind, and knowing that it will soon be time to plan for back-to-school (Yay!!), we offer a reminder of some of our favorite things to…

Remember the Great Outdoors!!

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