Certain times of year seem to summon nostalgia. Changing seasons are an example and so is “back to school”. Who among us, in any generation, does not have bittersweet memories of the freedom of summer days coming to an end as anticipation of the new school year blend?

Up here on the mountain we note that the great outdoors has been affected by “hi-tech” innovations as surely as any school or job activity. GPS devices have replaced or enhanced celestial navigation, cellular phones are not only easier to use than “walkie-talkies” but are multi-functional. Are you one of the people who have a collection of expensive still and video cameras? If so, have you organized or converted the clutter of VHS tapes, micro-cassettes, DVDs, etc.? We are not one of the services who help you with that clutter but we mention it in passing as we think about what nostalgia means to us, and to you.

One of our mountaineers recently recounted that his granddaughter had spontaneously announced that she remembered an enjoyable fishing trip she had with him at the age of 4. She and he had exchanged scrapbooks about the experience and their creation had solidified her memory. Her parents also include their scrapbooks in the nightly bedtime books and birthday celebrations. These memories enrich our lives and ensure that our family values and traditions continue.

Here at Nostalgia Outdoor Goods Store we stay alert for the highest quality and most innovative products are in our inventory so all you have to do is the fun part. Give us a look around, think about your greatest memories, make plans to create new ones and …..


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