Who else remembers hearing, “Go outside and play”? Or at least remembers hearing their parents or grandparents talk about it. Up here on the mountain we have a bird’s-eye view of happy children soaking up all the beauty and fun of the great outdoors.

Whether the recreation is in a defined activity or just free-form exploration, the benefits of fresh air, sunshine and exposure to the natural environment are well documented. In over 30 studies around the world active children were found to have better cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, better bone health and improved metabolic processes that had a positive effect on weight. Additional evidence was reported that suggested many, if not all, of those benefits carry forward to adulthood. These findings might not surprise you as much as the cognitive benefits of outdoor physical activity. Self-confidence, concentration, cooperative social skills and lower anxiety were among the characteristics of active children. Academic success is often associated with these qualities.

We just love knowing that the things that make us happy lead to so many positive outcomes. Because, let’s face it, we would be outside having fun with our kids anyway and now we can take a bow for it! So grab your kids, grab your backpack, grab your snacks and water and ….


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