We here on the Mountain believe that memories enrich our lives and warm our hearts and souls. As the calendar approaches the end of one year and the beginning of another, nostalgia arises spontaneously. We think the very best ones have both heart and humor. Herewith, then, is one such memory that is the stuff of a family’s lore.

When “Pete” was about 8 he became interested in scouting and outdoor adventures. With that in mind he received a tent and sleeping bag for Christmas that year. The family lived in Florida so there was no snow on the ground but it still got pretty cold. So when he begged his parents to allow him to sleep outside on Christmas night, they agreed reluctantly. His dad helped him erect the tent in the backyard and prepare the sleeping bag. Bedtime came and off he happily went. His mom and dad expected him to give up the adventure when the temperature dipped into the 30’s. When he didn’t come back they decided to bring his cold sleeping body inside before they went to sleep. With pride in his son’s heartiness Pete’s dad went out and discovered an extension cord that led from his bedroom window into the tent where Pete was snuggled under his electric blanket. Thus began his family nickname “Daniel Boob”!

We encourage you to retrieve and enjoy your own family lore and ….


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