Taking Special Summer Paths Outdoors

 “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” 

John Muir

Another Great day in National Great Outdoors month and we have found some fun family activities that we want to share with you.

  1. Make a Nature Bracelet – Tear off a piece of wide tape and loosely wrap it around child’s wrist sticky-side out. While you are exploring they can attach all the gifts of nature that attract them to the bracelet.
  2. The family tells a story one sentence and one person at a time. The only rule can be that each new sentence begins with a particular letter. The letter “rule” is up to you – some examples might be (1) each succeeding letter of the alphabet – ex. “Amy went to the store today. But she forgot to bring her wallet. Chances are she will have to come home without any groceries.” (2) the succeeding sentence must start with the last letter of the sentence – ex., “Arnold went to the baseball game with Ed. Dirty as he was, Sam decided to go along with them. Maybe they will see someone else they know.”
  3. Create leaf rubbings (or any other one of nature’s trinkets) and lay them on a flat surface with a piece of paper on top. Using a crayon or colored pencil rub the paper to create unique, colorful patterns.
  4. Bubble Machines!! Stir about 3 tablespoons of dish soap into a bowl with 9 ounces of water. Cut off the bottom of a clean, empty bottle (16 oz bottles seem to work the best). Cover the bottom with a sock or washcloth and secure with a rubber band. Dip the fabric end of the bottle into the sudsy water and blow through the mouth end. You can add food coloring to the water for extra fun.

You’re probably planning your 4th of July celebration right about now and we hope you plan to spend it with your family and that you will come back for more “Nostalgia” inspiring ideas. . . .



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