It has occurred to me recently that I can be nostalgic about events that I never experienced myself. After my father’s death I learned that as an adolescent and teenager he owned a small sailboat which he raced and quite frequently won. We heard quite a bit about his football career in high school and college. Stories about his brief service in the 82d Airborne Division (about 2 domestic years) were great fun for a little girl to enjoy. Yet it was only at his funeral that my uncle, his younger brother, told us about his big brother teaching him to sail and passing on the boat when he left home.

     I suppose each season has its own special category of memories and surely Mother Nature supplies us with rich treasures year-round. Nevertheless, spring announces summer with an unmistakable call to the outdoors. There are most certainly fewer picnics on frozen ground and, hopefully, much less barefoot exploring. Climbing trees is most gratifying when the full leafy canopy also hides you – from your playmates and your safety-conscious parents!

     Students are beginning to envision lazy, hazy, crazy days without alarm clocks or homework. Surely the souvenirs in our minds are as powerful as any token we have ever collected in a scrapbook or on a shelf. So fill ‘er up! and …


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