“…The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”

This tradition is probably tweaked in unique ways for each family. In our family, we were allowed to retrieve our stockings before everyone assembled around the tree and the real chaos began. In the toe of the sock was a big orange topped off with candy kisses, doll clothes and other small toys like yo-yos. The lore of the stocking arose from the legend of the poverty-stricken family of 3 daughters whose stockings were hung by the chimney to dry while they slept. St. Nicholas put a sack of gold in them and that is what the orange is said to symbolize.

Stocking Stuffers has become its own category of gifts and usually refers to items that are small in size and price. Secret Santa groups in which each person in the group gives 1 gift to 1 person frequently impose a gift limit of “Stocking Stuffer”. This category of gift can be especially challenging and fun because to do it well requires knowing enough about the recipient to choose a gift that matches that person’s interests. A well-chosen “Stocking Stuffer” gets it value from its relevance instead of its price.

With that in mind we put together our own collection of Stocking Stuffers for outdoor enthusiasts. Nostalgia is created one memory at a time so we want to help you create one with your outdoor pals. They will love you for helping them to …..


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