Spring Cleaning Yourself!


That’s right – it’s Spring Cleaning time! No, not your house – your lungs and, really, every part of your body. The fresh air outside in the sun is a definite health benefit in more ways than you might know.

  • Sunlight uVB rays (not the harmful uVA rays)  are absorbed by our skin and converted into vitamin D. This essential vitamin helps protect our bodies from osteoporosis, cancer, heart attack and stroke. It is a common vitamin deficiency that is easily corrected by just 15 minutes of sunlight per day.
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that results from serotonin level imbalances. Breathing in fresh air in the sunlight helps to reset your biological clock and sleep patterns.
  • Fresh air, sunlight and green spaces seem to improve mental concentration.
  • Recovery from surgery has been shown to be positively influenced by exposure to natural light. Patients in the 2005 study by the University of Pittsburgh also experienced less pain.
  • Studies in American and Britain suggest that people of all ages are twice as active when they are outside.

Of course, all of this exercise will leave you needing a little down time to rest up and what better place to rest than a hammock? Pack it, bring it, hang it, climb in and

Remember the Great Outdoors!!




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