Today is the 8th National Purple Heart Day.  General George Washington awarded the first military medal given to enlisted soldiers, not just officers. Because the Continental Army at the time did not have funds, General Washington designed a “Badge of Merit” made of purple cloth in the shape of a heart.  Only three (3) of the medals were awarded by General Washington and it was 1932 before the medal was revived and relaunched on the 200th anniversary of his birth.  The new medal is made with purple silk cloth attached to a medallion with the profile of General Washington.  The current design and purpose of the Purple Heart was first awarded to General Douglas MacArthur for his military service in World War II.  The Purple Heart is awarded for combat-related wounds or death. It is therefore possible for someone to be the recipient of multiple awards and for it to be awarded posthumously to survivors. Curry Haynes earned 10 Purple Heart medals during his service in the Viet Name War and that is currently the record for the most Purple Hearts earned by one individual. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor is located in New Windsor, New York.

We are grateful to all our brave military members but we extend an additional measure of solemn celebration to those who have the honor of being a recipient of the Purple Heart.

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