You probably know that too much exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (uV) rays can cause sunburn and skin cancer so you use sunscreen. Those same uV rays can damage your eyes and in the hot summer weather we all spend more time outdoors.

Clouds don’t block uV light. Those rays pass through haze, clouds and rain. They are strongest in the middle of the day and at higher altitudes. Outdoor sports in water, ice and snow expose you to extra, reflected uV rays.  Certain medications can increase your body’s sensitivity to radiation so you should check with your doctor for proper guidance.

Ultraviolet radiation is measured according to the wavelength of the light rays. Ultraviolet C rays are almost completely blocked by the atmosphere so we don’t need extra protection from them. Ultraviolet B rays are the strongest rays that reach us and can do the most damage from overexposure. Although the uV A rays are the weakest of the 3, they can pass through your cornea and long-term exposure can lead to cataracts and retinal damage.

By knowing how to stay healthy in all of our activities we can enjoy ourselves even more as we…

Remember the Great Outdoors!!

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