On Becoming Nostalgic for 2022


“There are places I’ll remember all my life though some have changed”

In My Life Lennon & McCartney


It’s odd that some of the most significant memories that we treasure have their beginnings in everyday life. One of our “mountaineers” recalls her 3-year old toddler coming home from Disney World and when asked about the most exciting part of the trip he said, “the “magic” vending machine in the hotel!

At this time of the year when everyone is busy compiling lists of past highlights and future resolutions we reflect on what it is that makes a memory “nostalgic”. Up here on the mountain our view is that the Great Outdoors is almost always a part of the memories that are the basis of “nostalgia”. We plan our vacations with the expectation that the special destination and activities will provide opportunities for memorable events. They frequently occur and likely are recorded in photo albums and scrapbooks. But, let us also be aware of the outdoor activities and events that are more ordinary and often. Did you ever spend an afternoon carefully examining the lawn for a 4-leaf clover? … lying on your back discovering the illustrations of the cloud patterns in the sky? … jump into the big pile of leaves that are newly raked? …  or simply competing with others on the swing set to see who could swing to the highest level?

So, whether you are a hiker, cycler, skier, climber or runner, our recommendation would be to look for memories that will “light the corners of [your] mind”** for the warmth and comfort they provide. Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022 and as always …



**Alan and Marilyn Bergman

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