Preparation for the unexpected allows you to enjoy the great outdoors and is one more way to teach children important lessons. This list of items is based on many years of experience and will help your children learn how to plan.

Part III – What to Pack

  • Whistle to use in case of emergency
  • Water and snacks.
  • Children’s sun block
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect repellent: Try to use a natural repellent.  Make sure that any repellent does not have higher than 30% DEET content for children.
  • Flashlight: A model that is easy to switch on and off
  • First Aid Kit: If a child gets scratched have them use their own kit.  This will give them a sense of pride and they will want to know how to use the items their kit.
  • Toilet paper and small garbage bags. The garbage bag can be used as a poncho if you encounter a sudden downpour.  Make sure that the child does not suffocate in the bag.
  • Simple sturdy compass. This is another opportunity to teach children about magnetic polarity and natural science.
  • Wrist Watch: This will teach children the time factor in the trip and the need to get back before dark.
  • Map of the trail showing the route and destination point. Identify the main features (bridges, streams, hills) on the map and show them to the children while traveling.
  • Tube tent so the children can take a planned nap in their own tent.


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