High-altitude cooking requires special consideration:


  • Low atmospheric pressure at high altitudes causes water to boil at:

                   201°F at 5281 feet                    93.8°C at 1600 m

                   194°F at 10,000 feet                 90°C at 3000 m

                   212°F at sea level                     100°C at sea level

  • The lower boiling point of water, at high altitudes means that it cannot get as hot before steaming; and this cooler water will prolong cooking baking. At 6000 feet (1800 m) 3-minute eggs will take five minutes.  Water steams off (evaporates) more rapidly, at 6000 feet (1800 m) twice as much water should be used in a cookie recipe.
  • Add water to boiling water as it will rapidly boil away.
  • A 2-pound (0.91 kg) fish that takes 15 minutes at sea level will take 20 minutes at 5000 feet (1800 m)
  • Dehydrated foods should be soaked for a longer time and cooked at a low temperature.


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