Fishing in the great outdoors is one of the true joys of warmer weather. Whether you are a beginner or an “old hand” there are some basic essentials that belong in your tackle box. Now that spring has sprung this is an excellent time to organize and update your tackle box.

Extra line – It’s almost certain that your line will become tangled and/or break during your fishing trip. Having extra line that is suitable for the fish you’re going to catch and the water where they are will help you get back to fishing much more quickly.

Line cutter – Well, see the above entry for the reasoning for this item. Any number of sharp-edge cutters will do but a handy multifunction tool that you can leave in your tackle box is a worthy suggestion.

Extra hooks – Choosing the right fishing hook is an essay in its own right but the key to a good tackle box is stocking it with a variety of types and sizes.

Needle nose pliers – Removing hooks from fish, or anything or anyone else, will require the precision that these pliers provide.

Plastic worms – Even when you are using live bait, all sorts of events can occur that will leave you needing plastic worms. Perhaps you will simply catch so many fish you will run out!

Lures – There are many kinds of lures that are designed specifically for certain kinds of fish in a variety of settings. A well-stocked tackle box will have at least a few of the lures that can be effective for you.

Bobbers – A colorful red and white plastic round bobber can alert you to a bite and they are easily attached to your line. According to your own experiences you might also choose to have some slip bobbers or even cork.

Sinkers – Because they function to weight your hook more deeply, they are very easily lost. Although they have traditionally been made of lead some states are prohibiting lead weights so other materials like brass and steel are becoming available.

Sunscreen – A good day of fishing can last for hours. Having some sunscreen in your tackle box will remind you to use it, especially if you begin your trip before dawn.

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