Who doesn’t love fishing in the fall? The weather is starting to cool off, the trees and plants are beginning to change color and, Yes!, the fish are changing their patterns as well. So try some, or all, of the following tips.

  1. Use a slower presentation in cooler water.
  2. Live bait, especially minnows, is best for fall fishing.
  3. Fish during warmer times of day when fish are more active.
  4. Try some night fishing with bobbers that little lights inside to help you see when you have a bite.
  5. Learn different casting methods with your wrist that create less noise.
  6. Try a different color bait.
  7. When you get a bite, pay attention to the movements of the fish when reeling it in. When the fish rolls over to one side, the fish is exhausted that is the time to reel it all the way in.

 Tight Lines! and …


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