Christmas in July

Why oh why?  Christmas in July?  Well, some of our greatest family lore came from my mother's determination not to wait until the last minute. I confess that it was the time before "Christmas in July" was a "thing". We were just living on my father's limited weekly paycheck. Anyway, October 31 was her deadline for Christmas shopping. When she found out about a sale (via her network of friends usually) she would frantically call my father at work since our 1 car was in his workplace parking lot. He would then leave work to purchase whatever it was and smuggle it in the house while we slept that night. When the bookstore was going out of business he requested the picture books using the odd pronunciation and cadence that toddlers use. "Goldilocks and The 3 Burrs" (in a staccato rhythm) and "Little Ret Riding Hoot". The clerks kept calling each other over to make him repeat it and it took a small while for him to understand why they were laughing so hard. Every year, there was at least 1 gift that my mother would suddenly remember Christmas afternoon and she would then go on a scavenger hunt in the house for its hiding place. I could go on and on! My point here is that in my family there is no such thing as too much Christmas or too much saving money. With that in mind take a look at our collection and remember you can purchase them with Shop Pay 4 installments. We just love to help you ...

Remember the Great Outdoors!!

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