1. There are at least 400 bicycle clubs in America, with membership ranging from 10 to 4000 members
  2. The first human-powered land vehicle was constructed by Giovanni Fontana in 1418.
  3. An estimated 130 million bicycles were produced worldwide in 2007 (more than twice the 42 million cars produced.
  4. The term “bicycle” first entered into popular usage in France in the 1860’s
  5. There are roughly one billion bicycles in the world – about twice as many as motor vehicles.
  6. The prototype of the mountain bike was developed in 1977.
  7. Half of all the parts of a typical bicycle are in the chain.
  8. The longest “tandem” bike ever built was almost 67 feet long and could seat 35.
  9. Helen’s School in Newbury, Ohio has a Unicycling Drill Team founded in the 1960’s.
  10. The smallest adult bicycle ever created had wheels made from silver dollars.

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