As you know, up here on the mountain, we love to survey our employees for their stories that you will be interested in. Every outdoor enthusiast has probably been snowed-in at least once and has a great memory of the experience. Here then, are some good ones we think you'll enjoy.

"We lived at least 3 streets away from a "plowed" one so my Dad spent the entire day pulling 1, 2 or sometimes all 3 of us through the neighborhood. It was one of those old sleds that curved up in the front for "easy" pulling. I'm not sure my Dad thought it was so easy! Not only that, I had a small tear in my snow boot and had frostbite on 1 of my toes. It was well worth it!"

"My parents sent my sister and myself to spend Christmas with my grandparents. The snowplow had piled the snow so high that you couldn't open the front door. There was a small terrace outside my Grandfather's office on the second floor. My sister and I spent the day climbing through the window and digging down."

"I was recovering from a broken heart so I thought a professional conference with a group ski trip in Colorado would help! Between the resort, the highway and the airport my trip lasted an extra 3 days during which I indulged in enough flirting to retrieve some of my self-image!"

"When my folks were retiring to a new home I suggested a fireplace because I enjoy a fire so much. My father replied that only people who had never been forced to get their only heat in the house found them charming!"

Hope you enjoyed these stories. They are cherished nostalgia for each of these people and so we encourage you to ...


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