Communication is so much easier these days with our gadgets that become more efficient every day. As Newton taught us in Physics however, with every action comes an equal and opposite reaction. What I mean by that is that we have come to rely on electronic communication, whether by email, text or social media instead of on paper. What we gain by efficiency and speed we lose by the ability to actually hold in our hand.

Children especially still enjoy getting a letter from the mailbox with their name on the envelope with a letter inside. Whether they save the letter or toss it afterwards the impact of receiving it is the same. Some basic guidelines for writing correspondence follow:

  1. Proper format is to have your name, mailing address, phone number and optional email address at the top of the page in centered format.
  2. The date of the letter is one space down and centered
  3. The name of the recipient and mailing address is at least 2 spaces down and left-aligned
  4. The salutation (Dear “First Name”) is one space down
  5. The body of the letter is one space down
  6. The sign off (“Love”, “Warmly”, “Sincerely”)
  7. Hand write your signature

If you are writing a Thank You note you can simply address 2 things: 1-A brief description of the gift, and 2-A brief description of how you will use it. A letter to children can be as short as praise for something they have accomplished and a wish for future time with them. For general correspondence it is always nice to comment and inquire about people and events that are important to your recipient followed by your own news.



Your letters will always be appreciated. They don’t have to replace electronic correspondence. In fact, your electronic pictures, notes etc. are a great place to begin your letter. Make the most of your multiple devices to personalize your letters – they are always in style! Have lots of adventures to write about so everyone can become nostalgic for them and …


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