8 Steps to Getting It "REEL" Right for Tight Lines



Prepare for fishing trips that will give you a lifetime of memories about which you can wax nostalgic! When the wheel starts to grind and the drag is not smooth it is definitely time for a cleaning.  Follow these steps that guide you to a thoroughly clean, lubricated and smooth -spooling reel.

  1. Gather your essential supplies including specialized reel cleaning agent (non-petroleum based), reel lubricating oil and microfiber cloth.
  2. Note the parts number and the order in which you disassemble them.
  3. Remove the spool by carefully sliding it away so you can use a different technique.
  4. After tightening the drag to make it watertight, clean it with a soft sponge without submerging it.
  5. Using a clean microfiber cloth and fresh water remove clogged debris.
  6. Spray the special lubricating oil on a clean microfiber cloth instead of spraying the oil directly on the reel.
  7. Using the same process and supplies clean and oil the spool.
  8. When reassembling loosen the drag to prevent excessive pressure on the washers.

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