Fishing gloves are an important and often-overlooked item in a tackle box. There are a variety of gloves that suit the conditions in which you fish as well as the kind of fish you want to catch. Following is a list of 8 reasons to wear fishing gloves and guidance for choosing the right kind for the fishing you do.


  1. Protect your hands from sharp fish scales, spikes and fins.
  2. Protect your hands from blisters and line cuts.
  3. Fend off potential punctures from hooks or sharp fish which can lead wound infection.
  4. They are wind- and water-resistant as well as offering sun protection and warmth for fishing in extreme temperatures.
  5. Gloves provide extra grip on the reel.
  6. You need the extra grip when handling a fish at the catch and while filleting.
  7. The right fishing glove gives you comfort for hand fatigue without inhibiting your dexterity.
  8. Gloves with bare fingertips for fly fishing allow you to tie flies with greater dexterity and less protection..


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