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Okay, we’re not saying that ALL 3000 rivers, 3 million lakes and 6,640 miles of coastline are reachable all year but to be clear, by taking advantage of these 7 websites we believe you can find a memorable fly fishing adventure that will fill your bucket list to overflowing!

Fly fishing requires its own special gear which we will discuss in detail further on. Briefly, it is an angling method that uses artificial lightweight fly, special lightweight line and rods and reels that are designed to maximize the distance of your cast and the motion of your fly. It is especially useful when fishing in moving water although that is not necessary. It can be done in freshwater as well as saltwater and, really, requires a fair amount of instruction and practice and is especially enjoyed by avid anglers.

First of all the State itself has a tremendous website chock full of information. The State is generally considered to be divided into 3 Regions of interest to Sports Fishing Enthusiasts: Region I is he Inner and Northern part of the state; Region II is the South Central or Prince William Sound Region; Region III is the South East or Panhandle Region. As a general rule Alaska is home to all 5 species of Salmon, Lingcod, Rockfish, Halibut, Trout, and shellfish like Crab, Clams and Shrimp. Even in summer the temperatures can range from 40° to 70° so layered, waterproof clothing and bug repellant are always recommended. Much more detailed information is available at https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm?adfg=fishing.main and they also have a free mobile app “ADF&G” for interactive and timely information.

Due to its size and distance from the mainland, there is an uncommonly frequent need to seek guides, lodges and charter operators. There are many highly-rated commercial operators who advertise on these 7 sites so you can identify them on them. However, you can find plenty of information about these places and people at https://www.recreation.gov which is published by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry Service and the Department of Interior, National Park Service. There are also many free planning guides and newsletters about charters . https://www.alaska.org/fishing

We found an excellent article blog post on 5 Reasons Why You Should Take An Alaskan Fishing Adventure https://alaskanfishing.com/2023/04/24/5-reasons-why-you-should-take-an-alaskan-fishing-adventure/ which we encourage you to read and will summarize here: the scenery, the abundance of fish (both quantity and variety of species), the unique experience in remote locations, the cultural heritage, and as an adventure of a lifetime. There is much more rich detail in the article itself.

One city in Alaska stands out because their website information is so comprehensive. Accordingly, we are pointing out http://visit-ketchikan.com/things-to-do/sportfishing-and-guiding/ , which is published by Ketchikan. Most of the big cities like Anchorage and Juneau also have their own sites and you should check them out but we liked the variety here the best. The site covers the many activities available at all times of the year and it’s hard to write about it without booking a trip immediately!

Finally, we found that the best discussion overall regarding the specific gear you need to fly fish successfully, and the features each of them have, is found at https://gearsforfishing.com/fly-fishing-gear/#more-2759. Briefly, they discuss the Rod,  Reel, Line, Leader, Tippet, Flies, Fly Box, Pack, Hat, Polarized Sunglasses, Footwear, Fishing Net and Waders. We recommend these websites whether you are a beginner or highly experienced angler and hope you agree they will help you to:


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