6 Essential Accessories for Your Smartphone


As we head to the moon again it is interesting to note that our smartphones contain more computing power than was available to the Apollo missions 50 years ago! But are we really using our phones in all the ways we can? In addition to the apps we use there are some “gadgets” that will make them even more valuable.

  1. 300X Mini Telescope Kit is small enough to go everywhere you go with your phone and fits in your hand. Once you see a sight worth keeping the tripod and universal phone clip make that view a memory on every camera app you have – in HD still photography and 4K video.
  2. Bluetooth Stereo Subwoofer Speaker is small in size but packs a walloping 5W of subwoofer-enhanced sound broadcast from your phone as well as containing a microphone for the phone function.
  3. Phone Kickstand Holder uses a double-fold clip that allows you to use your phone hands-free when you’re driving or any time you need your hands to be productive while using any of the apps you’ve installed.
  4. Computer Laptop and Notebook Phone Holder – Okay, you and your phone have been out and about and seen many sights and taken many notes. Students are one group of people who will want to access those photos, videos or “notes to self” as they prepare written reports and term papers. But, really, business owners, journal keepers and letter writers will also benefit from the ease of having the laptop screen and smartphone screen side by side.
  5. Bluetooth 5.1 Ergonomic Waterproof Earphones. Outdoor enthusiasts who are on the move and want the transmissions to remain private need these earphones that are ergonomically designed for superior hands-free use during the most strenuous conditions.
  6.  Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod comes with a remote control that adds an extra set of “hands” while you continue your adventures and activities.

Make the most of the smartphone you already have and …




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