When quartz watch technology appeared in the 1970’s there was an expectation that mechanical watches would become obsolete. Mechanical watches kept time by spring-loaded components that required the wearer to turn the stem in regular intervals measured in days. Quartz technology relied on battery power that drive quartz crystals to keep time and the battery life was typically at least a year. Both kinds of watches displayed an analog clock face. Extra features were added for specific activities like strengthened waterproof cases for divers and compasses for outdoor adventurers. As new technologies emerged there was a question, if not an expectation, that the prior watch designs would become obsolete, but that has not happened.

As smart watches have become more common, more affordable and more full of features or applications there has been a renewed interest in the utility of the traditional wristwatch. Is there really any need for a traditional watch if your wrist can provide you with all the same information and so much more? 

There are some qualities of each that make each of them relevant. It is quite likely that you will find it beneficial to own more than one. The limitations of smart phones are a little less obvious than their advantages. The battery life of these watches, although improving, is still quite limited. Many of the apps of the phones require you to be in range of cell towers. The technology of the phones is also as rapidly evolving as the smart phones with which they link. To remain compatible with the other devices it is necessary to buy new phones and watches at the same time.

Traditional watches, both mechanical and quartz, are considered more fashionable, stylish and professional. Additionally, they do not require replacement to synchronize with other devices. Some people have noted that the return to a traditional wristwatch helped them to be less distracted by the many applications of a smart phone. They reported more satisfying interactions with the live events in their midst. Know what your needs are and acquire the device that meets them. We think you will agree that the best solution is to have more than one kind of watch to give you the versatility your busy life requires. 

Here, then, are our suggestions for some excellent watches designed to withstand the most rugged conditions you will encounter as you …

Remember the Great Outdoors!!

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