Tempus Fugit!  Indeed, time flies by and perhaps that’s why there never seems to be enough of it.  Habits, routines and organization are all key to making the best use of our time. We keep paper and pen on a high-traffic counter in our kitchen when we are planning anything. Over the course of a week, as items and tasks occur to us, we can write them down and we have found that it reduces the stress of “Will I remember to ….?”.  Visual prompts help us to be more efficient and as a new school year begins the family routines and schedules have changed. Write them down and post them everywhere! Spelling tests? – tape the week’s words in every room! Memorization tasks like “States and Capitals”, “Presidents” “Poems (The Night Before Christmas in 4th grade was a real challenge!)” – again – taped to the wall of every room. Most of us know that the night-before-organization is paramount.

My favorite hack this year concerns school clothes because, as already mentioned, it is such a time-saver. When folding laundry combine 5 sets (uniforms or tops and pants) of outerwear, underwear and socks and store them as sets. One less task for the daily organization.

The more efficiently we use our time, the more free time we have available to …

Remember the Great Outdoors!

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