National Parks Fee Free Day in Augusts - Part 4


 UPDATE FOR 2023 - ONLY AUGUST 4, 2023

With over 400 parks in the National Park Service you can be certain that wherever you are, at any time of year, there is a Park that belongs on your bucket list. In 2021, the National Park Service (NPS) has designated 6 days on which the entrance fees will be waived in celebration of NPS anniversaries. August is the only month this year on which 2 of the days occur. The National and State Parks have been reporting record crowds this year so we have been writing about some of the Parks that are not as recognizable. We hope we can help you find a destination that is less crowded and more enjoyable.

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

Entrance Fee -  $25.00 per vehicle 7-day pass


From the heart of the Tularosa Basin rise the “white sand” dunes of gypsum crystals. With dunes rising as tall as 60 feet, this gypsum dunefield is the largest of its kind on Earth. The Park is completely surrounded by the White Sands Missile Range of the Holloman Airforce Base. It was here, at the “Trinity Site”, where the first atomic bomb was detonated.


Outdoor activities include bicycling, Dunes Drive (8 miles of paved and unpaved road) Hiking, Picnicking at canopied picnic tables with grills and sand dune sledding.

Ranger programs include a 1-hour “Sunset Stroll”, Lake Lucero Tour and Motha Palooza.

Special permits are available for horseback riding.

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Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, Ohio

 We included this Park even though it is always fee free because, well, it was simply irresistible!  The Huffman Prairie Flying Field, Wright Cycle Company, 1905 Wright Flyer III, tell the stories of the lives and legacies of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Visit the last location of their bicycle shop and see the world’s first practical airplane (1905 Wright Flyer III) at the Dayton History’s Carillon Historical Park.

The Huffman Prairie Interpretive Center is located near the National Museum of the United States Air Force and focuses on the Wright brothers' development of the world's first practical airplane at Huffman Prairie in 1904 and 1905, and their flying school starting in 1910.  It’s surrounded by 27 acres of designed landscape and a 17-foot granite monument to the brothers.

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Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Entrance fee - $25 per vehicle – 7 day pass

A spectacular volcanic eruption created the 13-mile wide circular depression now known as the Valles Caldera.  The preserve is known for its huge mountain meadows, abundant wildlife, and meandering streams. 

Much of Valles Caldera is over 8,000 feet in elevation. Even very fit individuals coming from lower elevations may experience altitude problems. This Park offers an especially wide range of activities, some of which are listed below.

  • Day Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Mountain Biking & E-Biking
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Park Rangers lead hikes, van tours and fly-fishing clinics
                                             Photo courtesy of National Park Service website


Most of these activities will require the extra planning described on this page:

Join us in finding new and exciting adventures that we can experience now and 



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