Casual coverups when you are in your summer swimwear are a great addition to all our wardrobes. It can be a real challenge to remember everything we will need whenever we are at the beach, by the pool or at the lake. We don’t always know where we might be going in our bikini and it’s a real hassle to pack everything from sunscreen, cell phone, ID, etc.

This uniquely-styled towel is designed to wear over your suit, leaving your legs and back free for tanning while you are lying down. Want to tan on the front – just turn it around. Either way, your head and neck are on the towel – not in the sand. 

Stand up and you are wearing it as a coverup without having to fold your towel and then put on a piece of clothing that you packed.  Inspired by a limited artist edition in 2018 this swimwear accessory is available in pink or yellow and has openings for your head and legs.

Enjoy the sun this summer, always prepared for all kinds of new adventures while you ...

Remember the Great Outdoors!!

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